Online Dutch language coaching
for expats

Are you looking for help with learning the Dutch language? Do you like to be guided online by a native Dutch language coach? Do you like your Dutch language learning to be clear and simple?
My name is Victor van Dijk, and for several years, I have a broad experience in coaching expats and refugees with learning the Dutch language. I think that my patience and capability of adapting to YOUR language level and learning style are very important for you to learn the Dutch language. I have command of 7 languages (Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brasil), and Norwegian (of Oslo)), and I have an MA degree in Cultural Anthropology. I think it's very pleasant and useful to be supported by your own native tongue!

Dutch language coaching

I provide professional online coaching in teaching the Dutch language to expats. Students can select their own language material from several Dutch language learning methods. I can help you with selecting the one that appeals most to you, and which is at your level. Then we'll work from there.


If you like the idea of getting help from me as a Dutch language coach or maybe you’re still not sure, you can always contact me (see details at the bottom of this page) or make an appointment for a mutual online introduction.

Flex Card

If you want to be flexible, you can purchase a Flex Card. Each Flex Card is good for 14 hours of Dutch language coaching. A single Flex Card is valid for 1 person for 14 hours, for 1 year, and costs €630.

Group Language Coaching

If you like to be coached by me online in learning the Dutch language, and feel dedicated to invest a longer period of time on a fixed schedule, then my Group Language Coaching may be something for you. Together with 3 to 5 other online students, you’ll be learning the Dutch language from any equal level onward. Costs for 3 months are €560 per person (14 lessons of 1 hour) plus extra costs for language materials.

Individual Language Coaching

Would you like to receive individual one on one language coaching from me, for less than 14 hours? For the time being (due to Covid-19), that’s only possible online. After our first (online) meeting and according to your preferences, language level, and learning style, I can coach you in (further) learning the Dutch language. We will use the learning methods with which you’re familiar, or the ones that fit best your skills. I will patiently help you with Dutch pronunciation, speaking, grammar, comprehension and spelling. My hourly rate for individual one on one  language coaching is €55.

How long does it take to learn the Dutch language?

That depends on so many factors, that makes this seemingly easy question difficult to answer.
Factors are,

    • Education / formation level
    • Motivation
    • Familiarity with learning a ‘foreign language’
    • How many hours you spend on doing homework
    • Whether or not the learner already speaks other European languages.

At the first meeting between a student and me, I try to make a general assessment of all these factors. This is not an easy job! After the very first meeting I can normally get a general idea of where to start or continue the student’s lessons, but only after a few additional meetings can I get more precise as to where the learner is heading, and how I can help her/him further on her/his learning path. As a guideline, you will need a minimum of 30 one hour lessons to learn the very basics of a language.

Students Experiences

My Experiences with Victor,
26 July 2019

I’m Evi, an Iranian, 35 year old woman who started learning the Dutch language since 2017.
Victor is the second language coach helping me for almost a year at the language trajectory. When I want to describe this experience in one word, I would say, exciting!
This experience was for me – having been into little contact with the Dutch – very exciting because I learnt a new language with Victors aid and I also started to learn a new culture. Besides, I introduced my culture. Of course, it was not easy. In the beginning, I couldn’t express my meaning clearly and correctly and I couldn’t understand Victor too well, either. I knew hardly any words, but Victors way of communicating with me was great. He adapted to my learning level. Victor always teaches me words that I don’t know in simple, easy to understand language.  He uses many examples to clarify the meanings of the words. He repeats patiently his explanation, until I understand the word or phrase.  Victor has good general information in various fields. When I ask for help, he guides me with the right information. If he does not have the information in a field where I need help, he searches the internet. He taught me enthusiastically and he offers good ways to develop the Dutch language. He also respects my proposed ways of learning. Victor encourages me to read. He suggests good books for me to read. In this time period, my language improved and I now also know the Dutch culture better. I can now understand more of Victor and I can now speak more clearly. Our contract for a year is almos over and I’m not happy about that. But I’m happy that I have had an unforgettable and fulfilling year with my language coach. Finally, I would like to thank Victor for his guidance.
Thank you, Victor, I wish you lots of success!

Victor van Dijk's Background

I am a native Dutch Language Coach with a broad experience in coaching expats with learning the Dutch language. In the recent past, I have been working for Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Work) Hilversum, and still am working for the Digi- & Taalhuis and the TaalTafel (language table) of the Hilversum Library. I have a background in Cultural Anthropology and have command of 7 languages. I know what it's like to integrate into a different culture and how important it is to master the language of a country. I think that patience, calmness, and my capability of adapting to a language student's level, skill, and learning style are very important for learning the Dutch language.

At Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Work) Hilversum, a brochure has been published, written by me, titled ‘Uit het dagboek van een taalcoach’ (‘From the Diary of a Language Coach’), in which I report in diary form of my experiences in assisting an Iranian refugee in learning the Dutch language. You can download the brochure here (in Dutch):

Dagboek_van_een_taalcoach_Hilversum.pdf in klein formaat

Contact Me

Feel free to send me a message if you would like to know more about me or my services.

Mobile & WhatsApp: +31640641956

Facebook: @victorfvandijk

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