About me

My name is Victor van Dijk. In 1996, I received my MA in Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University. For my study I lived two months in Coimbra and Ereira, Portugal (1993), and half a year in Salvador, Brazil (1995). My specialization is Latin-America, and Brazil in particular. In 1998/99, I did research for a documentary on Tibet and Ladakh. In 2002, I lived during a month in South-India, among other places in Bangalore, and Kodaikanal where I helped in setting up a centre named svajA, aimed at modern treatment on ancient principles of RSI, and stress-related ailments. I also maintained the website for the company. Kodaikanal is beautifully situated high up in the mountains of South-India, and worthwhile a visit. July 2005, I've done my bit in setting up a brand new campsite in Limousin, France. I constructed the original website for the camping. Unfortunately, at the end of 2018, the campsite changed owners, and I'm no longer involved.