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Dutch language for expats
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Do you know that around 6,000 expats live and work in Hilversum? Many of them struggle with learning the Dutch language and joining Dutch social networks. Victor van Dijk guides expats in Hilversum, who are already taking a Dutch language course, individually in learning the Dutch language and in localizing Dutch social and professional networks within the region.

Expats in Hilversum

Do you know that around 6,000 expats live and work in Hilversum?
Many of them struggle with learning the Dutch language
and when connecting with Dutch social networks.

My Services

I provide individual tutoring in the Dutch language with expats in Hilversum at home or at a central location in the village. The condition is that they already follow a Dutch language course elsewhere. I also offer expats in Hilversum to help them network within the region and thus expand their social and / or professional network.

Introductory offer

Would you like to get to know me and experience whether my method of tutoring suits you? Then take advantage of my offer: a first tutoring appointment, the first half hour of which is completely free! After the first half hour you decide if my teaching method and my person suit you. If so, you only pay € 10 for the remaining half hour and € 20 per full hour for all subsequent lessons. If not, the lesson will stop after the first half hour and you will not be obliged or owed anything. Would you like me as a tutor / tutor teacher? A lesson usually lasts 1 1/2 hours, with a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. Payment is made monthly in arrears per invoice. You can also pay in cash at the first meeting. All classes are completely exempt from VAT  (BTW)! Nice to meet you!

Strippenkaart (Strip card)

It is inconvenient if you keep getting invoices for payments to me or you have to pay everything in cash. To keep this to a minimum, you can purchase the strip card (strippenkaart). Each strippenkaart is good for a certain number of hours of tutoring in the Dutch language. If you use the strippenkaart you immediately benefit from a discount that can be as high as 10% on the standard hourly rate of € 20, – One lesson usually lasts 1 1/2 hours, with a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum from 2 hours. A strippenkaart is charged in advance and is completely free of VAT!


Advantages of the strippenkaart:

  • No hassle with the processing of small invoices
  • Direct discount on the hours taken
  • Different attractive variants with a discount of up to 10%

The following strippenkaarten are available:


Type strippenkaart Price Discount

Strippenkaart 6 hours  € 117 2.5%
Strippenkaart 12 hours € 228 5%
Strippenkaart 18 hours € 333 7.5%
Strippenkaart 24 hours € 432 10%


Have you been in the Netherlands for a short time and would you like to get in touch with more Dutch people? If you still don’t know where to find your way around in Hilversum, I might be able to help you by doing an online and offline network survey. I will then help you find your way by asking about your wishes and subsequently I will search for possible suitable online links and offline places to be. You still have to make the contacts yourself, I can only show you the way! A online and offline network survey is completely free for the first half hour for introduction and orientation. If you find me and my proposal worthwhile, you pay a one-off € 20 after this half hour (this amount is exempt from VAT/BTW!). For this I will, with your wishes in mind, get to work and I will send you a personal report by e-mail.

Route guidance

Are you studying for the State Exam Dutch as a Second Language (NT2) and would you like to receive tutoring for a longer period of time (longer than 24 hours)? After getting acquainted (see introductory offer on this page) I will be most happy to guide you in doing your homework and further develop your Dutch sense of language. We use the teaching methods from which you are already learning. I would like to help you with the pronunciation, your language comprehension and the spelling of Dutch.

Victor van Dijk's Background

Victor is a Language Coach at Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Work) Hilversum, among others. He has a background in cultural anthropology and has learned 7 languages in his life. He knows what it's like to integrate into a different culture and how important it is to master the language of a country.

Recently, at Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Work) Hilversum, a brochure has been published, written by Victor, titled ‘Uit het dagboek van een taalcoach’ (‘From the Diary of a Language Coach’), in which he reports in diary form of his experiences in assisting an Iranian refugee in learning the Dutch language. You can download the brochure here (in Dutch):

Dagboek_van_een_taalcoach_Hilversum.pdf in klein formaat

Tutoring / bijlessen

Geared to the Student

Individual Tutoring (Bijles)

I tailor my individual tutoring (tutoring) to the student’s question and level. I use the teaching materials that the student already has and help with pronunciation, spelling and word comprehension. I also provide tips for an even better understanding of the course material.

Contact Me

Feel free to send me a message if you would like to know more about me or my services.

Mobile & WhatsApp: +31640641956

Facebook: @victorfvandijk

Twitter: @victorfvandijk


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